What I have learnt with more than a decade of friendship

When we start being friends with someone, we do not really know how long it will last or if it will turn out to be really bad and not talking with each other.

Small thoughts for all my friends that I have known since primary and high school and as surprising as it can be, we have more than a decade of friendship !

There are these girls that I’ve known for years.. 21 years and 14 years to be accurate.

Then, there are these boys that I’ve known for more than a decade. More than a decade of friendship and we don’t know how we manage to handle it till now. I’ve read this somewhere :

 « if a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, psychologists say it will last a lifetime »

Are there really rules for friendship to last longer than 7 years ? Well, I do not have the answer to this but here’s what I’vI have learnt from those years :

  1. Don’t start a friendship because you need something
    Say NO to friends with benefits (I’m not talking about sex here) ! I have come across people that starts to create a bond just to get something out of it. That’s not friendship !
  2. Accept your differences and do NOT be jealous
    I was never good in Maths, she has pretty eyes and she is very pretty, kind and always with good grades ! He is good in Maths, good looking and he is still a joker ! You cannot have it all ! They will always be better at something than you.
  3. Learn than you do not always have to be together.
    Not all things have to be done together. Let space to breathe. You will have more things to talk about after ! Send a message from time to time, a video call on Skype ! That’s how we keep up together !
  4. Learn to share your friend.
    He or she does not have only you as a friend. There are other people too ! Accept that sometimes, you will definitely NOT be the center of attention.
  5. Accept to LOSE or to make concessions sometimes
    You cannot always be right and always have everybody doing what you want to. They might not want to eat the same type of food as you would want to have for lunch. Learn to let go and not force yourself on people.
  6. They have a life too ! They will NOT always be there !
    We will part in different directions ! Different time zones that will make it more difficult to catch up and talk « like we used to » ! But, this is not the reason why friendship should stop! Remember, they are your friends, NOT your boyfriend or your companion. Traveling to the same city for holidays ? Well, drop a few words before and let’s manage to meet !
  7. Do NOT fake it, do NOT lie to them
    I hate it when people lie to me and I think that it would be the same for them too. Don’t fake youself and don’t lie to them. If you do not like something, well tell them in a proper manner !

There are so many things to tell about it but here’s a few to begin with already !

To all of you,

THANK YOU 👏🙏 for all these years and many more to come !

Until we meet again, I wish you enough ! 😗😗





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