My Parisian Story

Hello, my fellow wanderers,

I was born and raised in Mauritius (yes! I am an island girl/islander). Since my younger age, I’ve been influenced by my grandmother who used to sew a lot. I was always playing with fabrics and was amazed at how she managed to sew beautiful things.

Years later, this passion for sewing was still here and I was the first one in the family to choose fashion studies. Needless to say that, my father was not happy because he was always thinking that I would turn out to be a lawyer/doctor or even an accountant!

My passion for fashion took me far, being ranked 1st in Mauritius in Textiles at “A” level examinations and ranked 17th at national level for technical side. I pursued my undergraduate studies at the local university but at the end of the course, I chose to get out of the fashion industry.

It was a personal choice for this change of career. My course has provided me with design skills but somehow, I felt that I missed much more skills. At that time, I was working partime in a pre-media agency where I discovered a completely different working environment. I discovered managerial and communication skills that I was not really in contact with in the textile industry. They gave me the opportunity to stay and climb up the ladder within the company.

I discovered many skills that I was not aware of: negotiation, time, and stress management, just to name a few. I travelled to some countries and this is how I discovered Paris in 2014!

I fell in love with the city in November 2014, even though it was the first time I was exposed to such a cold weather. I got back to Mauritius shortly afterwards but it did not last long until I came back to Paris for 3 months for professional purposes.

Those 3 months have enabled me to get a hint of the Parisian lifestyle and I knew that this is where I wanted to be.

In 2016, I made a choice that change my whole life. I chose to quit my job, took my savings, and come back to Paris to pursue my master. I am now doing my end-of-year studies internship in a niche perfume luxury house.

It’s been nearly a year now and I look forward to stay in Paris for at least another year and share with you my everyday discoveries in the city.




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